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About Me

I’m fascinated with the process of turning dreams and ideas into reality

I’m a Digital Marketing professional that helps businesses and individuals put strategies together along with implementation to get them from Point A to Point B. I’ve been in marketing for a little over a decade now. 


My official title is Senior Technical Marketing Manager. I help run paid campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive conversions, design websites/landing pages through Figma, optimize pages based on analytics and user behavior to facilitate more conversions, create/implement SEO plans to build organic growth, and perform in-depth audits of accounts building out comprehensive reports highlighting strengths, weaknesses, competitive landscape, and areas of improvements.

I love being active physically and mentally - if it’s not putting in road miles, it’s learning something new. Here’s a list of my favorite hobbies: basketball, distance/trail running, mountain biking, chess, photography, videography, jujitsu, kickboxing, writing short stories or compiling thoughts from reading/research, making mid to low tier music, drawing, creating ai art, podcasting, talking about dreams/ideas and flying my drone.

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