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Tell Your Story

What binds us all together? No matter what you do in this world – Entrepreneur, Designer, Banker, or Marketer. It doesn’t matter. Our job is to tell our story, and that will never change. The way to make real money, impact or change is by great story telling. We humans LOVE a good story – that Starbucks story your friend told you that turned your bad day around or a love story that restores your faith in relationships. The art of storytelling is the most valued quality anyone can possess. Storytelling has experienced a significant change over the years. Far too many people, businesses and organizations are story telling like it’s 2005 in an ADD 2017 world – How can you tell your story in micro moments? When the attention span of someone scrolling through social media is extremely small. This has tripled the value of storytelling and made it more difficult than ever. Quality storytelling always wins!

Everyone thinks the value of storytelling is the content, when it’s really the context. Don’t just use your platforms as distribution; posting the same picture on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There’s a science and art to storytelling in the digital world. Say you have the same 500 followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you post the same picture at the same time. You will notice that they act completely different, that’s when you realize that the context really matters. We have to respect the psychology of why people are using these platforms and tailor our message to that psychology.

We’re living through a major culture shift, and the only thing anyone reading this should care about is where the eyes and ears of everybody are at. When you figure that out, ask yourself. Am I actually bringing value in tandem with the platform? Value by making someone smile, providing knowledge, making someone think, etc.  Do I engage with what they want from this sphere? People on Instagram want more visually stimulating content than Twitter; you need to account for that.

Bottom line, you want to give a lot of value, act human and then ask! It’s okay to ask but only after you provide value and come across as authentic. If we can’t figure out the art and science of storytelling in the digital world, then we can’t experience making real money, impact or change.

Understand, you act differently at work than you do with friends going out or with your significant other. You’re still the same person but the CONTEXT of the room changes the way you tell your story!

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