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Marketing Musicians

Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination. Music is the language of the universe; everyone speaks or understands this beautiful phenomenon. There are no boundaries to understanding music; even animals can understand music to a certain degree, it transcends all boundaries of communication. You can tell stories and use #music as a conduit to communicate to someone that speaks another language. Music is the most effective way to present your perspective.

The world needs you! A message can be said 1000 times in many forms but all it takes is one vibration to make it resonate more than you thought possible. Look, it’s your obligation to present the world with your message, and if you can do that through music you have a universal gift that everyone can relate to. The only question you have to answer is – How?

Marketing your music is necessary but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Most people get into the music industry for the love of it, and don’t think they'll need to learn marketing to get their music heard. Wrong!

Here’s a short list of MUST for every artist!

-          Personal Website

-          Social Media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook) 

When putting out content -- which should be often, make sure to engage with your fans that comment on your social sites. Engage with other Artists, create engagement, and create conversation. Two way interactions are often the most effective, rather than the “check out my music” method. People see right through that unless you’re already established, even then two way interactions will deepen the connection to your fan base.

Most importantly, don’t limit your marketing to the internet! Real growth will come from personal interactions and not just handing out as many business cards as possible. Actual, meaningful connections! This takes time but 5 minute interactions go a long way in forming lasting connections. The ROI creates lifetime followers that want nothing but the best for you. The compound interest of this cannot be scaled. The guy you met at a coffee shop that relates to all your music and has to tell all of his friends about this interaction. His friends tell friends, and one of them happens to be the producer that changes your life forever.

#Marketing is nothing more than packaging your message for the world to receive it. The world needs your message!

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